Maryland Courts

Unreported Opinions

This site includes listings of unreported opinions filed by the appellate courts. The majority of unreported opinions are filed by the Court of Special Appeals, the intermediate appellate court. Use of unreported opinions is restricted by court rule.

Most decisions of the Court of Special Appeals are not reported, as Maryland Rule 8-605.1 requires the Court to report only those opinions that are of substantial interest. Reported appellate opinions are posted on the day they are filed.

Copies of unreported opinions can be obtained from the clerk's office where the unreported opinion was filed. To request a copy, write the Clerk of the Court in the Court of Appeals or the Court of Special Appeals, citing the parties, docket/term, date filed and include a check for $10.00 for each copy, made payable to the Clerk of the Court.

For more information on unreported opinions, see Maryland Code Courts Article CJ §13-203, Maryland Rule 8-113(a) and Maryland Rule 1-104. 

Upon request, the Court of Special Appeals will consider reporting an opinion that was previously unreported. The request must be in writing and state the reasons why reporting the opinion is warranted. The request must be filed with the Court before the mandate is issued. Maryland Rule 8-605.1.