Maryland Courts

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I file a complaint?

  • All complaints must be made in writing by either writing a letter or completing our complaint form.
  • What is going to happen to my case? 

  • The Commission does not represent clients. We cannot assist in any type of litigation. You should seek the services of an attorney who can assist you with your ongoing legal matter.
  • What happens after I file the complaint?

  • Your written complaint will be reviewed by an attorney on staff to evaluate it for violations of the Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct. You will be notified of any action or disposition.
  • Will the attorney find out that I have filed a complaint?

  • Yes, usually the attorney is notified that a complaint has been filed against him/her and who filed it.
  • Will my lawyer drop (withdraw from) my case if I file the complaint?

  • The Commission cannot give any type of legal advice or predict the reaction of the attorney in question.
  • My attorney withdrew from my case.  Can he/she do that?

  • Under certain circumstances an attorney may withdraw from representation.  If you believe the attorney’s action was improper, you should file a complaint in writing. Otherwise, you may also seek the services of a new attorney.
  • Can I find out about prior complaints against this attorney?

  • No, all complaints, either pending or dismissed, are private and confidential. However, you can be told if the attorney received a public sanction (i.e. disbarment, suspension or reprimand).
  • Can you refer me to an attorney?

  • The Commission is prohibited from giving lawyer referrals.
  • How can I get my money, files, etc. returned from the attorney?

  • Although a lawyer's refusal to return money or files may be the basis for discipline  which should be reported, the Commission cannot force an attorney to return money or files to a client or a former client.  You should discuss these questions with an attorney.
  • How can I resolve my fee dispute?

  • The Commission does not resolve fee disputes, but you can contact the Maryland State Bar Association's Committee on the Resolution of Fee Disputes, a public service for clients who have a fee dispute with their attorney.
  • I am an attorney, how can I request a letter of my disciplinary history?

  • To request a letter of your disciplinary history, please send a signed letter requesting the information. The request can be made by regular mail (Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland, 200 Harry S. Truman Parkway, Suite 300, Annapolis, Maryland 21401); by fax 443-949-7445; or by email attachment to The letter should be addressed to the attention of the Office of Bar Counsel. Please include a return address or the address where the letter should be sent (if the letter is to be sent directly to another state’s Admissions Office).
  • Where can I find the Maryland Attorneys’ Rules of Professional Conduct?

  • The Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct are online courtesy of Westlaw.

    For questions or additional information, email