Maryland Courts

Statewide Uniform Subpoena Form

  1. Is the subpoena in PDF  form?

  2. Does the statewide subpoena form rule apply to all registered users?
    No.  This rule is only for attorneys.  Third parties will have to get this form from the attorney or contact the clerk’s office.

  3. Can we save the subpoena onto our computers for future use or will we have to access the online link every time?
    Yes, you can save the subpoena form to your computers for future use. To ensure the required seal and the appropriate clerk's signature will appear on each subpoena, separate versions of the form are provided for each Circuit and District Court. Note, that the issue date field on the PDF form populates the current date each time the form is opened, even on forms that have been completed and saved.  Therefore, you will want to print and save a hard copy of a completed subpoena for your records.

  4. Is the link available only after logging into Tyler or will persons who are not registered with Tyler have access to it? If so, how?
    Currently, no registration is needed to access the Unified Subpoena Form. However, this will change in the near future. The link is available to attorneys on

  5. Are there individual links to each county’s subpoena form?
    Yes. There are individual links to each county’s Circuit or District Court in which the case is filed.

  6. Are there any new procedures that accompany the subpoena form?
    Any new procedures are set out by the Maryland Rules.

  7. Are there any plans to discontinue the paper subpoena in the near future?
    The clerk’s office will continue to provide paper subpoena forms.  There are no plans to discontinue in the near future.

  8. What will happen if I’m unable to update my system in time to use the new subpoena form?
    It will be up to the court to determine any sanctions for not using the subpoena form.  Please refer to MD Rule 2-510 and 3-510.