Maryland Courts

2016 ADR Practitioner Volunteer Statistics

Dear District Court of Maryland ADR Volunteers,

Thank you for your time and participation in our ADR programs across the State of Maryland. Below you will find the links that will take you to your statistics regarding the hours you contributed in 2016.

The first document called “Total Volunteer Hours” provides the grand total of the hours you gave in 2016.

The links after that provide breakdowns by District, so if you volunteer in more than one location and you want to see the breakdown of your hours, you can click on each of those links.
If you are required to report pro bono activity to the Court of Appeals, you may use this information to support your reporting.

As always, the lists are organized in numerical order by volunteer identification numbers. The volunteer identification numbers can be found on your ADR Practitioner name badge.
If you are unable to find your badge, please contact Leona Elliott, Director of ADR Roster Management via email at or at 410-260-1677 to request your volunteer identification number and a replacement badge.

Again, thank you for assisting litigants in resolving their disputes in 2016. We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2017.