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April 28, 2015



Interpreter and Quick Entry Invoice Processing – An enhancement has been made to the system, which will minimize the opportunity for duplicate vouchers.  Users can now potentially receive a duplicate warning when processing invoices through the Self Service Interpreter or Quick Invoice Entry processes.  Due to the unique processing method for these items, the duplicate message will be received if the invoice number has been used previously.  Please review the below information to understand how to respond to these warnings if received.

Duplicate Invoice Warning – If the system finds a finds a match on the invoice number, you will receive a message similar to the below upon trying to save your current invoice entry.  If you receive the below message, please be sure to review the other voucher number noted in the warning message to ensure you are not entering a duplicate voucher.  You may open another GEARS window to do this review, keeping your message on your current window. 

  1. Duplicate - If after your review of the stated voucher, you determine that the current invoice is a duplicate, then you should select cancel.  This will put you back into your current entry page.  From here, you should navigate to home.  The system will then provide the below second message stating that you have unsaved data.  You should select cancel.  The system will exit from your current entry page without saving the document or creating a new voucher number.     


Message Warning

Save Warning

  1. Not a Duplicate – If after your review of the stated voucher, you determine that the current voucher is not a duplicate, then you should select OK in the first displayed message above.  The system will proceed in saving your current invoice entry, as well as assigning a new voucher number as appropriate.


April 26, 2015


As indicated in the year-end memo circulated in the GEARS Email Update on 4/8, AY16 requisitions can start to be entered in GEARS on Monday, 4/27. The full year-end memo and checklist can be found in the right hand corner of the GEARS site and should be reviewed and printed out for quick reference. I have copied the portion applicable to requisitions at the bottom of this email.

As we continue to work towards making the system more user friendly, effective for AY16 requisitions, we have modified the catalogs in the system that should be used for AY16 requisitions. We have aligned the catalogs to match exactly to the accounts that users are familiar with. For example, there are catalogs labeled 0902 Office supplies, 0804 Printing & Reproduction, 0823 Security Services, etc. Therefore, the catalog(s) chosen should match exactly to the account(s) you plan to use on the requisition. We hope that this change will make the selection of catalogs much easier for the users. In addition, please note that the District Court and JIS Item catalogs are still active and should still be used as appropriate.

Again, these new catalogs should be used for AY16 requisitions only. The previous catalogs should still be used for any remaining AY15 requisitions and Express PO’s. Once AY15 processing is complete, the old catalogs will be made inactive.

The tip sheet for Creating an eProcurement Requisition has been updated as well and can be found on the GEARS site. Please be sure to review the document and utilize it when creating your first requisition. See more.

Thank you,

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