Maryland Courts

May 26, 2015

Message from Tammy Sitar


ACCOUNT NAMES - The GEARS team has recently reviewed all of our account (object) names, i.e. 0401, 0804, to ensure they are accurately labeled.  Some of the required changes were noted from Help Desk tickets and we appreciate your feedback.  The list of accounts (both expense and revenue) can be found in the Accounting Manual and the Quick Reference Tab on the DBF CourtNet website.  Of particular note for our Order to Cash staff, we also changed the description of 8037 from Stocks, Bonds, & US Treasuries to Interest – Local Revenue.

ATTACHMENTS -  All attachments within GEARS should be in PDF format.  In many instances, users are attaching invoices/expense statements in Excel or Word.  When this happens, the voucher will be referred back to you for correction, which slows the payment process.  Please ensure that all attachments in GEARS are in PDF format to expedite processing of your document.

TRAINING - GEARS training classes for the winter/spring 2015 schedule have concluded.  We had 228 participants registered for the courses offered and received lots of positive feedback!  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to attend.  It is always a good idea to participate in the classes that cover your functional work areas each time classes are offered.  This will allow you to stay informed on any recent enhancements and perhaps, pick up a new tip or two!  However, please note, it is not necessary to attend every time the same course is offered during a training schedule (once is sufficient).  We hope to offer our next schedule in the fall and of course, GEARS will remain the main focus of Accounting Day.  Please remember to review our GEARS site for important guidance on work processes, but you may also always contact the Help Desk for assistance.


COPIER REQUISITIONS - As we get closer to year-end, we are seeing more issues with copier PO’s running out of money on the copy lines.  In light of this, when preparing your FY16 copier requisitions, please be sure to estimate on the generous side your need for copies on these lines.  It is not a large amount of money and will make processing your end of year invoices much easier next year!

PO MONITORING - Please continue to monitor your purchase orders and take required actions  REMINDER! The newly enhanced PO Buy Down report and PO Close request page are great tools for helping you decide which purchase orders are eligible to be closed. Please analyze your purchase orders and identify all those that meet the criteria for closing.  Kevin Jones has sent out many notices on this process (as recent as 5/11/15) to the GEARS Notification list.  Please reach out to Kevin or the Help Desk (410-260-1114), if you should have any questions.

RECYCLE VOUCHERS - A voucher that for any number of reasons has been deemed unnecessary for its original purpose/intent after creation is labeled as an available “recycle” voucher by the Department of Budget and Finance (DBF).  Since the voucher has already been saved and therefore, assigned a voucher ID, it is still open and available in the system and requires further action.  To minimize the quantity of deleted vouchers, DBF will contact the creator of the original voucher and request them to “reuse” the recycled voucher.  This simply means that the same voucher number will be used for a new, different invoice.  This is done by utilizing the “find an existing value” in the regular voucher entry navigation path, entering the recycled Voucher ID, altering all of the required data entry fields to match the new invoice, attaching the correct supporting documentation, and then saving the voucher again.  Once this is complete, please notify DBF Accounts Payable at

VOUCHER NUMBERS - Please remember that all voucher ID numbers, i.e. #00152465, are system-generated.  A user should never manually assign a voucher ID number, whether numbers or alpha-numeric.  The Voucher ID field should always display NEXT until the voucher is saved.  Once saved, the next sequential number in the system will be assigned.
Voucher display window

Thank you,

Tammy Sitar, CPA
Maryland Judiciary
Deputy Director Budget and Finance
GEARS, Project Director
580 Taylor Avenue, Bldg A-4
Annapolis, MD  21401
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