Maryland Courts

August issue of
"Jumping into GEARS"

September 16, 2013


I would like to inform you that encumbered PO's and open PO's from FY13 have been loaded into GEARS this past Friday. This was a very complex process given that we did not have one full true procurement system to pull all of the required information from and we had to wait for all of our FY13 year-end spending. In the end as usual each year, the Department of Budget and Finance reviewed the line items of each open PO that had encumberable subobjects and made the final determination of those PO lines that would be encumbered to AY13 funding. In addition, FY13 PO's that were not encumberable but still had open available lines were loaded into GEARS with the applicable lines open in FY14 but with the funding pointed towards AY14 budgets.

The PO's were also loaded with receiving required but at "amount only." This decision was made to make the receiving and vouchering process as easy as possible for these PO's. To process invoices against these PO's, you will need to receive upon the PO and then copy the receipt into your voucher and perform matching when processing the invoice.

The Department of Budget and Finance will be sending out emails tomorrow informing each court and program of the PO's that were encumbered for their area. Please make sure you review the email carefully before processing invoices. Only invoices applicable to these encumbered PO's should be charged to AY13.

In addition, while most of these PO's were loaded successfully, there are some that ran into budget errors. These will need to be individually reviewed but I did not want to hold up the loading of all of the other PO's. If you run into this situation with a PO, please let me know and we will try to prioritize this review.

For those that may have already processed invoices to the vendors applicable to these PO's but before the load, we are attempting to identify those vouchers and then will need to make corrections to the PO line items. To those I personally spoke to about this process, I stated that the payments could be made but that there would be some clean-up work on the PO's once loaded. If you have this information noted already, it may be helpful to pro-actively work directly with DBF staff and Procurement to revise the PO as necessary.

I appreciate your patience and assistance as we worked through this process. Please be sure to share this information with your accounting personnel.

Any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,
Tammy Sitar