Maryland Courts

March 24, 2014

Hello Everyone,

NEW CHANGE EFFECTIVE TUESDAY 3/25 - Please note, the field for "invoice line description" in vouchers will no longer accept the punctuation marks of a colon, apostrophe, or a slash (examples : ' \). This change was needed immediately due to a requirement change by the state for our data file that we send daily. This change will impact the voucher entry processes captured in Regular Entry, Quick Entry and Interpreter Entry. The system will issue a warning upon trying to save the voucher, if you have one of the invalid punctuation marks in the voucher line description. If you receive the warning, simply change your invoice line description removing these punctuation marks and the voucher will then successfully save.

VOUCHER ACTIVITY INQUIRY - Reminder and new information - The project team has developed a great new inquiry page that we believe you will find very useful. It can be found following this navigation: Accounts Payable, Review Accounts Payable Information, Vouchers, Voucher Activity Inquiry. This page can be used to find and review information related to a specific accounts payable voucher (invoice) or a range of vouchers based on many different selection criteria. In addition, you can perform searches based on statuses, such as budget, post, match, transaction, and approval. By using these tools, you can find vouchers that may have missed getting budget checked, are in budget error or are pending approval and need further action to move forward in the payment process. Please review Running a Voucher Inquiry Search for instructions on use of this new page. We also recommend that you utilize this inquiry page on a regular basis with some very specific searches. Voucher Activity Inquiry Page Recommendations outlines this information.

Accounts Payable Department of Budget and Finance Email Notices - The DBF Accounts Payable Team will send out email notices when vouchers need action by the originating office/staff. Please be sure to follow the specific instructions noted for action and respond to DBF accordingly when the action is complete. Your response back to the DBF team allows them to quickly identify those vouchers that are ready to proceed with processing. If you are not clear on the required actions, please reach out to the staff for assistance.

FAQ's and Acronym Listing Updated - Please note, the FAQ's and Acronyms have been updated recently on the GEARS website. Each item can be found under its own link on the left side of the home page. Please review, and as always, let us know if you have any suggestions.

FY2014 Year-End - The team is working on our plan for year-end processes. FY15 requisitions should not be entered at this time. Further detailed information will be provided as quick as possible. In the meantime, you should be reviewing your FY14 open PO's and seeking action as needed, as well as reviewing your vouchers as noted above.

General Ledger Detail Trial Balance – The project team is developing a detailed trial balance report, which will provide all of the transactional details associated in an account or range of accounts. It is currently being reviewed by DBF and then we will ask SME’s to review prior to roll-out to all users.

Help Desk – Currently, the project has about 8 to 12 tickets open at any one time and has made a concerted effort to reply to all tickets within 2 hours. If you are experiencing any issues with the Help Desk, please contact Tammy directly.

Judiciary Contracts and Express PO's - Please be sure that you are creating Express PO's when purchasing goods or services off of the Judiciary contracts. The list of contracts with specific vendor numbers to use can be found on the Department of Procurement's website. Any vouchers processed that are not associated with an Express PO as required will be delayed in processing until this action is completed.

Pcard Process - The pcard process has been implemented in the GEARS system with the February invoice. Judiciary Pcard holders within the Judiciary have been informed of this and have received the Desktop Procedure Guide. Included in the process is an worklist notification when the statement is ready to review. Unfortunately, at this time, this notice can only be sent to the actual card holder. If the card holder has a proxy reviewer on their account, please forward this email notification on to them. The team will be exploring the possibility of including another email address on the card holder's account without impacting other workflow notifications.

PO Notification Change - Please note, the automated PO Workflow Notification that was recently implemented has been changed to occur when a PO has been dispatched. (As originally written, it was happening upon PO Approval.)

Quick Tip Sheets - Per our users request, all of the Quick Tip Sheets are being reviewed by our Subject Matter Expert (SME) group. As a reminder, the SME's are a group of users (just like you) that have volunteered to be a resource for the project team for testing, training and documentation review and support. The project team wants to ensure that the Tip Sheets are meeting the user's needs. Revised documents will be reviewed a final time by the SME's before distribution.

RCS and GEARS Order to Cash (OTC Revenue) Deployment - As many of you know, the project team has been working with the RCS (Revenue Collection System-new cash registers) team for rolling out RCS to the remaining circuit and district courts. For the District Court, this will also include the roll-out of GEARS as well to the remaining locations.See a draft schedule for the remaining of 2014. Please note again, this is a draft and subject to change as the process starts and the schedule is further evaluated.

Reporting Tools and Navigation - The team has recently offered 1/2 day Procure to Pay Reporting classes. During this session, an “Online Inquiry / Reporting Matrix” was distributed. Please watch for similar training to be offered again.

Requisition Comments - Procurement recently indicated that it would be very useful for the field to insert any comments on their requisitions that could possibly assist Procurement in creating your PO. Please feel free to contact Procurement with any questions relating to this.

System Performance – The team is still working on performance issues. As a reminder, please continue to let the help desk know in a timely manner when you experience issues. This is the best method for us to be able to review and identify the issues.

Training for April - June
- The project team is planning the training schedule for April - June. Please watch your email for the announcement.

Updated Flowcharts - Based on the February process changes, the team has revised process flowcharts as needed and they can be found on the GEARS site under the Training link and are marked with a revised date.

Any questions or comments, please let me know. Keep the GEARS moving!

Thank you,

Tammy Sitar, CPA
Deputy Director
Budget and Finance
Project Director - GEARS