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Message from Tammy Sitar

GEARS Update: November 12, 2014

ACCOUNTING DAY  - Accounting Day is scheduled for Wednesday, November 19 in Annapolis.  We are looking for people to share positive comments about GEARS and offer two methods.  If you would like to personally share your experience during the day, that would be great, or you may send your written comments to Tammy.  We can announce comments anonymously or share your name.  Please get in touch with Tammy and thanks for your consideration!

COURTNET – The Judiciary CourtNet site was redesigned.  The GEARS site link is now on the right hand side of the page under “What’s the latest? MDEC, GEARS”.

Adjustments – All adjustments should be done with a current invoice date and accounting date.  The only exception to this date requirement would be if you were doing an adjustment for a previous month in which the End of Month disbursements had not been completed yet.

Bond Remission – If in your court process, you must take a bond Remission from local, please file a help desk ticket to ensure the transaction is processed correctly.  If you are taking the remission from general funds, you can proceed with your normal processing.

Charge Codes – Due to a change in our formatting requirement to the state and our use of the description line in revenue vouchers, we had to remove all punctuation from the charge code descriptions.  For instance, the description for RCS-17 was “LR – State Transfer Tax.”  The description now is simply “LR State Transfer Tax.”

CCU and P&P – Please ring these transactions up on different days to assist the Department of Budget and Finance (DBF) in reconciling.  Please also keep in mind that these transactions should be done on a monthly basis.  If your court utilizes UCS, the UCS reports for P&P/CCU should be sent to DBF monthly.

Interest Allocation – Please remember that prior to running your End of Month (EOM) disbursements, you should allocate any applicable interest, i.e. if running disbursement monthly – do not do this process until your monthly interest amount is received and allocated.

Reconcile Local Disbursement – Please be sure that you are reconciling on a regular basis your local revenue in and out accounts, 8037, 9588 and 9511.

R2 Report – We have renamed this report to have a more descriptive title.  The title of the report is now DC - Monthly Fines and Costs.

Treasury Number – We have experienced some recent issues in which the Treasury Number for deposits was not entered correctly.  Due to this, we have modified the system to enforce 6 numeric characters.  If the Treasury Number entered is not entered as 6 numeric characters, you will now receive one of the below messages depending on your entry and be required to modify what was entered before continuing.

Approval (delegation) – In order to temporarily assign/delegate someone to approve invoices and other documents in your absence, they also need to have the proper GEARS security roles.  To ensure work continues to move smoothly in your approver’s absence, a secondary person with the appropriate roles should always be in place.  Optimally, this secondary person should not be involved in the actual daily processing of invoices.  Please file a help desk ticket to assist in getting a secondary approver setup correctly.

Invoice Processing Reminders:

  1.  Please process your invoices in a timely manner and ensure they are accurate, complete and approved.  Unfortunately, delays in the initial invoice processing will cause delays in the timeliness of payments as well.  Please keep in mind that we will only be able to accommodate “rush” payment requests, when it is a true emergency that was not caused by processing delays.
  2. Invoice numbers should be limited to 14 characters.  This number is used to perform a match on populating payment information as well.
  3. If a PO is applicable, please be sure to use it in your voucher.  The PO and the invoice must be connected through the voucher process.
  4. If a receipt is required, please be sure to copy in the PO receipt into the voucher.  This will simplify your voucher process and tie the documents together in the voucher.
  5. The chart field strings (account numbers) on the PO should not be changed within the voucher process.  If you feel that an account on the PO needs to be modified, please contact the Procurement Department BEFORE saving/vouchering the invoice.
  6. Credit invoices should be processed separately in the same manner as any other invoice.
  7. The FEIN number on the invoice should match what has been used on the PO.  Please always verify the address as well and if necessary, changes can be made to the Remit To.

Procurement Policies – Please be sure that you are familiar with the recent Procurement Policies, including the change in requirements for receipts and Express Purchase Orders.  The contract listing on the GEARS site under the Creating an Express PO tip sheet indicates whether an Express PO is required.  We’ve seen a number of issues with Abundance Catering contract.  Please note, Express PO’s are required for payments to Abundance Catering. 

Purchase Order Search – The below navigation can be used to get search results of PO’s applicable to a selected PCA.


Receipt Comments – A change was done recently to keep the Show at Voucher selection checked within receipt comments.  Please do not change this selection, which allows DBF to view any comments added.

Travel Reimbursement Form – If you recently “saved” a version of the Employee Reimbursement Form to your local desktop, please save a new version of the form again.  Per the recent email from the Judiciary Travel Coordinator, Roxanne McKagan, reimbursement requests submitted on the older versions of the form will not be accepted for payment until the correct form is utilized and attached to the voucher.

Vendors – When using the review vendor navigation, Vendors > Vendor information > Add/Update > Review Vendors, please be sure to use the FEIN number (not just a name alone).  Utilizing the FEIN will give you all vendors that specifically match the FEIN you require, as well as the possible different addresses established in the system.

Detail Trial Balance Report – Please maintain your normal end of month reconciliation procedures by reviewing the Detail Trial Balance for both your revenue and expense accounts.  This report was designed to provide the same information as the FMIS reports.  Therefore, the FMIS reports will no longer be distributed, since the same information can be obtained through this report.  The formal reconciliation between GEARS and FMIS is the responsibility of the AOC DBF.

Security Roles – A query is available to get a detailed listing of GEARS roles associated with all of your users for your location.  The query title is AOC_SECTY_USERS_BY_RULE.

Thank you,

Tammy Sitar, CPA
Deputy Director
Budget and Finance
GEARS Project Director