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Court Supervisor/Manager Certificate Program (CSMC)

PLEASE NOTE: This course of study is not currently accepting applications.  It is planned that applications will be accepted in the fall of 2018, with classes beginning in early 2019 for those accepted.

The Court Supervisor/Manager Certificate (CS/MC) Program is an advanced Judiciary study curriculum offered for qualified Judiciary employees seeking expanded job knowledge. This course is open to current lead workers, supervisors, and managers as well as graduates of the Court Professional Certificate (CPC) program and the Institute for Court Management (ICM) program. Its goal is developing and enhancing their knowledge, skills, and abilities toward becoming effective and efficient court supervisors and managers. Courses include Becoming a Supervisor/Basic Management Skills, Leadership and Management Styles and Personnel Policy and Legal Issues Confronting Supervisors.


Click on the links below to find out more details about the program. If you have additional questions, contact Nancy Kline 410-260-3604 or email

Class of 2018

Court Supervisor & Manager Certificate 2018 Course Dates and Attendees

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be considered for the CS/MC program, candidates must:

  1. Presently be a lead worker, supervisor, manager, Court Professional Certificate (CPC) graduate, or Institute for Court Management (ICM) graduate.
  2. Have served successfully for no less than two years as of the application deadline date, as a regular, full-time employee of the MD Judiciary either as a state, county, or city-paid employee.
  3. Agree to a commitment to stay with the court for at least one year after completion of the CS/MC program.
  4. Fully complete the application form, adhering to all instructions.
  5. Attach a formal letter of recommendation from the applicant’s highest, direct Administrative Head  (e.g. for state-paid Judiciary employees: Clerk of the Court, Administrative Clerk, Assistant Administrator of the AOC, Executive Director for DCHQ, or Administrative Commissioner; for county or city-paid Judiciary employees: Administrative Judge or Court Administrator).
  6. Submit a signed essay of no more than 300 words as to why they wish to be considered for the CS/MC program.
  7. Have received at least a “meets standards” rating on their last annual performance appraisal (for state-paid Judiciary employees) or certify that their work performance “meets standards” or is above “meets standards” (for county or city-paid Judiciary employees.)
  8. Maintain work performance equivalent to “meets standards” or higher through out the duration of the program.  Participants who fall below this rating will not be allowed to continue in the program until their work performance is brought up to “meets standards."