High School Students Learn about Life Choices in Anne Arundel County District Court

In April, a slew of teens were “summoned” to appear in Anne Arundel County District Court. They came, not with their attorneys but with their teachers, to learn first-hand about the consequences of making bad decisions. It was all part of the Anne Arundel County District Court’s twice-yearly Schools in the Court program.


“The students see defendants who may be not much older,” said Judge Danielle M. Mosley, who leads the program. “Students can learn how the court system works but, perhaps more importantly, we want them to understand how making wrong choices about things such as speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, drug use, and other crimes can deeply and adversely impact their lives.”

Severna Park High School took part in the April 12 program. In addition to watching actual criminal cases, students heard from victims and people who have been convicted of various offenses, learned about the legal and financial consequences of being charged with drunk driving, and met with a representative from Maryland’s Shock Trauma Center.

A reporter from the local paper captured the most dramatic moments for an article in The Capital.