More resources


You can view informational videos online anytime, thanks to the Judiciary’s growing library of self-help videos. They include:

• Should I Represent Myself?
• Finding Legal Help
• Hiring and Working with Your Lawyer
• Mediation in the District Court of Maryland

• Service of Process
• Defending a Small Claim
• Tips for Your Day in Court
• The Maryland Court System
• Maryland Jury Service


There are many brochures available online that can help you learn more, and that you can print out. They include:

Law Libraries


Law libraries

The Maryland State Law Library and the many Circuit Court law libraries are places where you can get copies of laws, cases, court information, use computers and receive help from a court librarian. The Maryland State Law Library is available by phone, email, and in person. The Maryland State Law Library’s website has a handy directory of Circuit Court law libraries and what services are available at each location.

Self-help centers


Self-help centers

You can visit one of the court self-help centers, where you can speak with a lawyer who can help you understand your options, get court forms, and help you represent yourself in court. These self-help centers include:

Contact your local District Court or Circuit Court Clerk’s offices for more information about these resources, including self-help programs and events.