Name Changes on the Official Roll of Attorneys

If you are an attorney and wish to change your name on the Supreme Court's official roll of attorneys, you must submit a written request to do so. You may submit the written request by mailing it to the address below.

Please be specific as to how you wish your name to appear, e.g., "from Jane Anne Smith to Jane Smith Johnson" or "from Jane Anne Smith to Jane A. Johnson," etc.

You must also include a clear and legible copy of the document that changes your name (marriage certificate, divorce decree, name change order). Do not send your only copy, as the document is retained as part of the Court’s records. The Court reserves the right to require a certified, raised seal, original document.

Upon receipt and processing of your name change request, you will receive confirmation of the change via email to the email address associated with your AIS account.

If you would like a new Bar Certificate reflecting your name change, please submit a written request indicating where you would like the wall certificate mailed, along with payment of $25.00 (as a check or money order made out to Clerk of the Supreme Court, or in cash).

Submit the written request to:

Supreme Court of Maryland
Robert C. Murphy Courts of Appeal Building
361 Rowe Boulevard, 4th Floor
Annapolis, MD  21401

Upon receipt, you will receive a written confirmation from the Clerk's Office.

The Court notifies the Client Protection Fund of the Bar of Maryland and the Maryland State Bar Association of your name change so their records can be amended to reflect this change.