Circuit Court for Baltimore County

Close Date @ 4:30 p.m.
Reason for Vacancy

Retirement of the Honorable Mickey J. Norman

Applicants Pool **

Michael Salvatore Barranco
Andrew Michael Belt
Jo Ann Camm
Ari Jason Kodeck
Honorable Stacy Adele Mayer
Dilip Barrid Paliath
Jennifer Warfield Ritter
Ralph Laurence Sapia
Stuart Alan Schadt
Wendy Zerwitz Schenker
Lisa Yvette Settles
Ephraim R. Siff
William Joseph Somerville (withdrew)
**Mary Cina Chalawsky
**Garret Peter Glennon
**Kristine Anne Howanski
**Margaret Moran McKee

Comm. Mtg

NOTE:  Due to COVID-19, interviews with the Trial Courts Judicial Nominating Commission will be conducted virtually, rather than in-person.