Court of Appeals (Second Appellate Judicial Circuit)

Close Date @ 4:30 p.m.
Reason for Vacancy

Upcoming Retirement of the Honorable Robert N. McDonald

Applicants Pool **

Robert Scott Brennen
Honorable Yolanda Lauranzon Curtin
Honorable Angela Michelle Eaves
Honorable Daniel Alan Friedman
Honorable Paul W. Ishak
Irwin Raphael Kramer
Glenn Todd Marrow
Jason Daniel Medinger
Honorable Douglas Richard Miller Nazarian
Morenike Olaore Euba Oyenusi

Julie Marie Reamy (withdrew)
Honorable Dennis Michael Robinson, Jr.

Comm. Mtg

The Second Appellate Judicial Circuit represents Baltimore and Harford Counties.

The Commission will meet virtually to interview all judicial candidates.