Training Sessions

For interested library systems, local training can be provided from the Thurgood Marshall State Law Library and other members of the Conference of Maryland Court Law Library Directors.

For each completed training, a Certificate of Completion indicating Contact hours will be provided.

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Upcoming Sessions


Frontlines Lab sessions will return in early 2023. Watch this page for the upcoming schedule!

Law and legal reference constitute a specialized area of knowledge and resources. The best way to be comfortable with a specialized area is to deal with it often, an opportunity not always presented to the generalist in a public library system. It is possible, however, to develop ability in this area through training and practice.

The Frontlines Labs aim to offer this necessary training and practice. In the Labs session, law librarians will facilitate investigation into real-world resources of legal information. Attendees are invited to come to the Lab with a legal reference question prepared in advance. The class will choose which questions to learn from, then divide into sections to work collaboratively with other attendees, guided by the law librarian facilitators.

As a high degree of participation will be expected from attendees, it is strongly recommended that attendees have attended or viewed at least one prior Frontlines session. Frontlines has been taught across the state for several years, and on-demand session recordings are available through the Frontlines website.

Registration is limited - one lab session per person please.

LAB - November 2, 2022 09:00 – 10:00 am (Session has ended)

LAB - November 15, 2022 09:00 – 10:00 am (Session has ended) 

Completed Sessions

Law on the Frontlines: Legal Reference

October 19, 2022

Recording (Passcode:!F@2!bwj)

Life & Health Planning

May 17, 2022
Recording (Passcode: CnN.pGR0)

Law on the Frontlines: Legal Reference

May 6, 2022
MLA/DLA Annual Conference

Advancing Justice: Access and Navigate Maryland Legal Information, Court Tools, and Resources

Note: while not part of the Frontlines sessions, the presentation is an excellent companion to the May 6th program above.
May 5, 2022
MLA/DLA Annual Conference

Public Benefits

April 26, 2022
Recording (Passcode:Mk1Gx#JF)

Consumer Law

April 19, 2022
Recording (Passcode: az&zpu9z)

Navigating the Law: Family Law

April 5, 2022
Recording (Passcode: u7#tf8#P)

Navigating the Law: Landlord-Tenant

March 24, 2022
Recording Part I (Passcode: djEX%083
Recording Part 2 (Passcode: RvV9e@kX)

Law on the Frontlines: Legal Reference for Public Libraries - Basics II

March 8, 2022
Recording (Passcode: p7C&g#se)

Law on the Frontlines: Legal Reference for Public Libraries - Basics I

March 1, 2022
AUDIO ONLY Recording (Passcode: .d5zq7df)

Law on the Frontlines: Basic Training

September 19, 2018 (in-person)
Part 1: Access to Justice and Public Libraries (YouTube)
Part 2: Managing the Legal Reference Interview (YouTube)
Part 3: Getting Started: Descriptive Resources (YouTube)
Part 4: Digging Deeper: About Law (YouTube)
Part 5: Choosing and Making Referrals (YouTube)