Queen Anne's County Courthouse

Doors set to open on new Queen Anne’s County Circuit Courthouse in Centreville

In Queen Anne's County a new state-of-the-art courthouse, rich in architecture and technology, is scheduled to open June 17, 2019. Read more.

Traffic Signs

How to pay your traffic ticket

Did you get a traffic ticket? To find payment methods, deadlines, or information about your case, start here.

Jury Bench

Jury duty scam reported

The following telephone scam has been reported: People have received calls about a bench warrant being issued for missing jury duty are told they must make a payment to clear the warrant. The call is a scam. Read more.


Lawyers: Register with the Attorney Information System by June 1

As part of the requirements to maintain their license to practice law in the state, all Maryland lawyers, including judges and law clerks, must register with the Attorney Information System (AIS) by June 1. AIS is a comprehensive database that brings together information about Maryland attorneys. Read more.