Public Notice - New Civil Case Types - DC-CV-001 & DC-CV-106 Forms


Effective July 1, 2021, form DC-CV-001 - Complaint/Application and Affidavit in Support of Judgment has been revised to include a new civil case type within small (under $5,000.00) and large (over $5,000.00) claims, Consumer Debt (Original Creditor).

Consumer debt means a secured or unsecured debt that is for money owed or alleged to be owed and arises from a consumer transaction. (Courts and Judicial Proceedings § 5-1201)

Examples of consumer debt include:

  • credit card debt;
  • student loans; 
  • auto loans;
  • medical bills; and
  • pay day loans. 

This new case type must be used in consumer debt cases filed by the original creditor using the DC-CV-001 form. If the complaint is based on an original consumer debt action, only select the consumer debt (original creditor) checkbox under the docket options. 

Continue to use form DC-CV-106 - Complaint - Assigned Consumer Debt for consumer debt cases if you are not the original creditor. (Md. Rule 3-306)

Other changes include: 1) removal of the over $10,000 checkbox; 2) addition of a checkbox to show interest in mediation/ADR; and 3) language revisions of the notice.

The 07/01/2021 version of the DC-CV-001 and the 07/2021 of the DC-CV-106 are required for use beginning 07/01/2021.

All registered users of File and Serve were notified by e-mail of these new case types. It is the filer's responsibility to select the correct case type:

  • Contract – Small Claims Consumer Debt – Original ($34.00) - DC-CV-001 form

  • Contract – Small Claims Consumer Debt – Assigned ($34.00) - DC-CV-106 form

  • Contract – Large Claims Consumer Debt – Original ($46.00) - DC-CV-001 form

  • Contract – Large Claims Consumer Debt – Assigned ($46.00) - DC-CV-106 form

For your convenience, use these links DC-CV-001 and DC-CV-106 to view the redline drafts showing the revisions.

Previous versions of the forms will not be accepted after 07/01/2021. Additional revisions were required and the updated copies will be printed shortly. Please continue to use the copies of the Rev. 07/2021 versions you have until the updated vendor forms can be ordered and received by the District Court Warehouse. Electronic copies have been posted and are available for use on the effective date of July 1, 2021.

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If you have any questions regarding the revised forms, please contact Amber Herrmann, Deputy Director - Administrative Services at:

Last updated: June 30, 2021