Expungement (Adult)

How do I get my records expunged?

If your case meets certain conditions, you may ask the court to expunge a criminal record. Expungement removes information about a case from court and law enforcement records. Make sure you keep copies of all expungement documents and the expungement order.

Expungement is different than Shielding.  When a criminal record is shielded, it will no longer be on Case Search or be available to the public.  To learn more, see Shielding Criminal Records.

See the following for detailed information on how to request expungement of an adult record:

Filing Fees for Expungement

Is there a fee for filing for expungement?

  • Form CC-DC-CR-072A. There is no charge to expunge a case with a disposition of acquittal, dismissal, probation before judgment (PBJ), nolle prosequi, stet, or not criminally responsible.
  • Form CC-DC-CR-072B. The filing fee is $30 for eligible guilty dispositions and is nonrefundable, even if denied. The fee is for each case (not for each charge related within a unit of the case). If you cannot afford the fee, you may request that the court waive the filing fee.
  • Form CC-DC-CR-072C. For cases where ALL charges have a disposition of acquittal, not guilty, dismissal, or nolle prosequi, entered on October 1, 2021 or later the court will expunge the case automatically after 3 years. You may request expungement earlier than three years by using this form. There is no fee to do so.


Last updated: October 2021