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Have a legal problem and don’t know where to begin? These videos may help. Each video includes transcripts in English and Spanish, a tip sheet, and links to resources, forms, and court services. Watch this 30-second preview to see how the Self-Help Video Library works.

Law Topics
What is service of process? Expungement? Rent Escrow? Each video in this series tackles a specific legal subject.

Representing myself
Court Basics
From filing fees to court interpreters, videos in this series deliver fundamentals on how the court operates.

Rent court for tenants
Considering becoming a guardian? Have you been appointed? This video series has the information you need for success.
Rent court for tenants
Get Started
Should you represent yourself? Or should you get a lawyer? These videos help get you on track to self-representation.
Rent court for tenants

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Title Category Date
Service of Process: How to Serve a Business Law Topics
Service of Process in the District Court Law Topics
Divorce Series: How to File for Divorce Family
Divorce Series: Forms You Need to File Family
Divorce Series: How to Restore Your Former Name Family
Divorce Series: Use and Possession Family
Divorce Series: How the Court Divides Jointly-Owned Property Family
Divorce Series: Asking for Spousal Support or Alimony Family
Divorce Series: Mutual Consent Divorce Family
Divorce Series: Determining a Legal Reason (or Ground) for Divorce Family
Divorce Series: What Type of Divorce Do I Need? Family
Expungement Series: How to File Law Topics
Expungement Series: Forms Law Topics
Expungement Series: When to File Law Topics
Expungement Series: Probation Before Judgment Law Topics
Expungement Series: Favorable Disposition Law Topics
Expungement Series: Guilty Disposition Law Topics
Child Custody - Trial Family
Child Custody - Proceedings Family
Child Custody - How to File Family
Child Custody - Important Terms Family
Child Welfare - People You Will Meet Family
Child Welfare - Hearings Family
Child Welfare - The Court's Role Family
Rent Court for Landlords Law Topics
Rent Court for Tenants Law Topics
Rent Escrow Law Topics
¿Necesita un Intérprete Judicial? Court Basics
Adult Guardianship: Introduction to Adult Guardianship Law Topics
Adult Guardianship: The Role of Guardian of the Person Law Topics
Adult Guardianship: The Role of Guardian of the Property Law Topics
Need A Court Interpreter? Court Basics
Overview of Maryland Courts Court Basics
The Foreclosure Process Law Topics
Foreclosure Mediation Law Topics
Mediation Law Topics
Before Court: Preparing for Your Day in Court Court Basics
Tips for Your Day in Court Court Basics
Can't Afford Court Filing Fees? Court Basics
Can't Afford Appellate Costs? Court Basics
Should I Represent Myself? Getting Started
Hiring and Working with Your Lawyer Getting Started
Finding Legal Help in a Civil Case Getting Started
What is the Law? Getting Started
How to Research the Law Getting Started
Bringing a Small Claim Law Topics
Defending a Small Claim Law Topics
Service of Process in the Circuit Court Law Topics