Attorney Information System (AIS)

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Maryland Rule 19-802 requires Maryland attorneys to maintain current contact information in the Attorney Information System (AIS), and to update that information within 30 days of becoming aware of a change. All changes must be made through AIS. Use the links on this page to log into AIS to update your contact information.

Information Regarding Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Assessments: Non-Registered Users | Registered Users
New rules require Maryland lawyers to register with AIS. AIS will be used by attorneys to fulfill their compliance requirements each year. The rules regarding pro bono and IOLTA reporting have changed to permit the creation of a single compliance schedule.  This year you will not receive pro bono and IOLTA reporting forms in January 2019.  Pro bono and IOLTA reporting will now be done on a fiscal year basis and reports will be filed online. You will receive email notification once per year, in July, notifying you it is time to pay your Client Protection Fund assessment and file your pro bono and IOLTA reports online.  Payments and reports are now due September 10. For more information see Chief Judge Barbera’s December 10, 2018 letter to Maryland attorneys.

The Attorney Information System (AIS) is a comprehensive, secure database maintained by the Judiciary units that support the Court of Appeals in its role regulating the legal profession in Maryland.

AIS provides a one-stop portal to help lawyers view, update, and maintain their attorney status.

Maryland lawyers can use AIS to:

  • Review and update contact information
  • Review his/her status as a Maryland lawyer.
  • Review administrative and disciplinary actions taken by the Court of Appeals.
  • Pay the annual Client Protection Fund assessment.
Future Enhancements

In the future, attorneys will be able to use AIS to:

  • Submit the Pro Bono Legal Services Report and IOLTA Report.
Register or Sign In to Your Account [For Attorneys Only]
For more information about AIS, see:
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Information Regarding Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Assessments

For Non-Registered Users:

As the FY2019 assessments become due, you may need to register to use the Attorney Information System (AIS) or at least login, if you have already registered successfully. Below are a few reminders and tips that will help you register and/or login.

When trying to access the Attorney Information System, remember AIS does not work well using a Safari browser. Please use an alternate browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, which are preferred. These are all browsers that you can download free of charge with no issues. If you have used Chrome in the past, we also recommend that you try a different preferred browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, so as any saved information will not lock you out when you go to log in. Using a different browser with a cleared cache is key as the application will not accept a saved, auto-populated password.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to create your password when you first register for AIS. Once you receive that email you will need to click on the link within to complete your registration. If you fail to complete your registration or click on the link within three days, your registration will not be complete and you will be unable to access the system. It is critical that you recover the confirmation email or you will not be able to register for the system.
If the confirmation email never arrives in your inbox, here are a few things you can do to try to recover the email and help you to complete the registration process.

  1. You will need to check your email’s Spam or Junk folder to make sure the email did not get sent to any of those boxes.
  2. Email services provide filtering options to help you sort and manage your inbox. You may need to use the filter to redirect the email to your inbox.
  3. If you use a company/corporate/business email address, there may be other services in use that are blocking the message. Usually your IT department or mail provider can confirm this and may need to whitelist
  4. If after trying all of these steps you still are unable to recover the confirmation email, try to re-send the email by completing the new registration steps again. A message will appear that your information is pending confirmation and was previously sent to you. You will need to click one of the following boxes at the bottom of the page:
    (a) Change Email and Resend – This gives you the option of changing the email associated with your registration. Use this option to try completing your registration with a different email address or if you think you might have entered your email address incorrectly the first time. The email address you enter now will represent your login id. You will need to verify your account by answering the security questions you set up.
    (b) Resend Email –Click this box to send another confirmation email to the original email address you used to register.

For Registered Users:

Prior to bringing up the site, if you have used one of these browsers to access AIS before, we recommend clearing your browsing history before logging in. If you have used Chrome in the past, we also recommend that you try a different preferred browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
Enter your email address/your login id, and password. If you have auto-populate turned on to default as a stored feature, backspace through it and enter your 12 character password yourself. If you do not know your password, you have the ability to change it on the login screen.
If your account appears as “Locked”, please select the “Unlock Account” option so as to unlock your account with AIS. You will need to answer the three security questions you set up when you first registered. If you are unable to answer your security questions successfully, please contact the Service Desk at 410-260-1114, so they may assist you.

To change your password, type in your login id and click the Next button. On the next screen below the password entry, click on the Change Password link. If you get a message telling you your account is locked, you will need to answer your security questions to access your account. Again, if you are unable to answer your security questions successfully, you will need to clear your browsing history and contact the Service Desk at,