AIS-Annual Compliance Requirements

Four yearly requirements for Maryland attorneys

To maintain a license to practice law in Maryland, attorneys must fulfill four compliance requirements every year:

Failure to pay the CPF assessment or to timely complete pro bono or IOLTA reporting may result in your temporary suspension or decertification from the practice of law. For more information on the requirements and for guidance on reinstatement, see the attorney compliance requirements web page.

Upcoming important dates

For a list of all 2019-2020 dates, see Notices web page.

  • June 1: Attorneys must register with AIS.
  • July 10 (on or before): AIS-generated email sent to attorneys with compliance information.
  • August 31: Deadline for submitting a notarized Affidavit of Inactive/Retired Status for 
    2020 to the Client Protection Fund of the Bar of Maryland. The mail-in form can be found at:
  • September 10 (on or about): A $25 late fee assessed to attorneys who have not paid assessments. Pro bono and IOLTA reports due.

Last updated: July 2019