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Judiciary Warns of “Jury Duty” Telephone Scam

(ANNAPOLIS, Md. – May 2, 2014) The Maryland Judiciary wants to warn the public about a telephone scam about jury duty. The caller claims to work for a Circuit Court, tells the person he or she has been charged with contempt for not reporting for jury duty, refers to a judge by name, and demands payment over the phone using a pre-paid card.

This phone call is a scam, and anyone receiving a call like this should hang up and disregard the call.

Maryland courts do not call citizens to get payment over the phone for a fine for missing jury duty. Courts contact citizens about jury service by mail. If there is an issue with jury service, you would receive a notice in the mail requiring you to appear in court. If a fine or penalty were to be assessed, you would be advised by the judge in person in court.

The Judiciary has learned about the scam operating in Prince George’s County, but wants to warn all Marylanders.

You can check your status as a juror or report any suspicious jury duty telephone calls by contacting your Circuit Court jury office. Contact information for courts is available on the Maryland Judiciary website,, and click on “Locate a Maryland Court.” (Web address:

More information about how to recognize, report, and prevent becoming a victim of telephone scams is available through the Federal Trade Commission website. (Web address:

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