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Maryland Court of Appeals Meets Its Standard
for Third Consecutive Year

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND (August 29, 2016) — For the third consecutive year, the Maryland Court of Appeals has issued rulings in all cases heard during its term. 

The Judiciary’s milestone demonstrates its ongoing commitment to goals set forth in the Strategic Plan for the Maryland Judiciary.  Soon after Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera was appointed to lead the Maryland Judiciary, in July 2013, the Court of Appeals unanimously adopted the policy that all cases will be heard and decided during that same term, following the practice of the U.S. Supreme Court.  Today, two days before the closing of the 2015 term, Maryland Court of Appeals Chief Judge Barbera said, “Today marks a continuation of accountability and validates the standard to which we will adhere in future terms.  Every member of the Court is dedicated to timely and meaningful justice.” 

Term years for the Court of Appeals, Maryland’s highest court, begin September 1 and end August 31.  The Court of Appeals delivered rulings on all cases heard in its previous two term years.

Since 1975, the Court of Appeals has heard cases almost exclusively by way of certiorari, a discretionary review process.  The Court of Appeals grants petitions for certiorari in cases that are in the public interest.  The Court has exclusive jurisdiction over death penalty cases, legislative redistricting, removal of certain officers, and certification by state appellate and federal courts of questions of law.

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