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Maryland Court of Appeals Approves Changes to Rules
Regarding Pre-Trial Release

(ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND, February 7, 2017) — The Maryland Court of Appeals today, upon resuming a public meeting that began on January 5, 2017, considered Rule changes proposed by the Maryland Court of Appeals Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure in its 192nd report and supplements. During the meeting, the Court considered, amended, and then adopted the Rules. The changes to the Maryland Rules will provide guidance to judicial officers regarding pre-trial release of arrested individuals. The Court will issue a Rules Order, along with the newly adopted Rules, which include a new Rule 4-216.1. Over the next several days, Rules Committee staff will conform the proposed Rules to reflect the amendments adopted by the Court of Appeals. The Rules will take effect July 1, 2017.

On February 16, the Court of Appeals unanimously approved Rule 4-216.1



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