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June 26, 2019

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Maryland attorneys now being notified by email to pay CPF assessment and to
file pro bono and IOLTA reports

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – They used to get a letter in the mail, but Maryland attorneys now need to look in their email for the annual notification to pay the Client Protection Fund assessment and complete online reporting on pro bono activities and Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA). With the switch to the new Attorney Information System (AIS), there are no more paper invoices or notices, and all AIS communication with Maryland lawyers is now electronic. The notification about the annual assessment and reports will be sent by email on or about July 10.

Attorneys are required to complete their reports and pay the assessment no later than September 10 of each year. Pro bono and IOLTA reports must now be completed online; however, attorneys can choose to pay the Client Protection Fund assessment online or through the U.S. mail by including an invoice printed from the AIS.

AIS is a comprehensive database that brings together information about Maryland attorneys. The database is maintained by the court-related agencies that support the Court of Appeals in its role of regulating the legal profession in Maryland.

Data about pro bono service is used by the Maryland Judiciary to plan and promote pro bono activity. Interest generated from IOLTA accounts is used to fund civil legal aid programs in the state.

Attorneys will use AIS to fulfill several reporting and assessment requirements. Maryland Rule 19-802(b) requires all Maryland attorneys to register with AIS to ensure they receive all communications regarding their license to practice.

Changes to the Maryland Rules took effect January 1, 2019, that consolidated several processes into a single compliance cycle for Maryland attorneys. This single, annual process should make it easier for lawyers to fulfill their annual requirements and remain in good standing.

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