Important Update to the MDEC Policies and Procedures Manual

Office of Communications and Public Affairs
2001-E/F Commerce Park Drive
Annapolis, Maryland 21401



The MDEC Policies and Procedures Manual (MDEC v1.18, p. 36) has been updated to clarify that each individual document in an envelope must be a separate submission and each submission must be a separate PDF file.   The text of the clarification is as follows:

  • "Submission"--a single document contained in a single PDF file within an envelope. 
    • For a filing, each individual document filed in a case should be a separate submission with its own PDF file. Multiple documents may not be combined in one PDF file.  Envelopes are case and filing specific. Multiple submissions filed in the same case at the same time should be contained in the same envelope.  Each envelope may only contain submissions related to one case. Envelopes may not be reused for subsequent filings.

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