Public Records

The Maryland Judiciary has a duty to disclose information to the public when requested. However, there are limitations placed on what can be shared and when, which are set by the Maryland Public Information Act and the Court Access Rules.

The Court Access Rules govern access to judicial records and are found in Maryland Rules 16-901 et seq. Judicial records include administrative records, business license records, case records, notice records, and special judicial unit records. The Court Access Rules are the primary guidance for how the Judiciary discloses its records to the public.

The Maryland Public Information Act (“MPIA”) is found in the General Provisions Article § 4-101 et seq. and governs access to public records. Public records are defined as “[t]he original or any copy of any documentary material that is made by a unit or an instrumentality of the State or of a political subdivision or received by the unit or instrumentality in connection with the transaction of public business and is in any form.” GP § 4-101(j).