Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

COVID 19 UPDATE TO ADR SERVICES: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) sessions conducted at the court building and on the trial date are not available at this time while the District Court is in Phase II of Judiciary Operations as set forth in Chief Judge Ellen Barbera’s Administrative Order of June 3, 2020.

ADR sessions would normally take place in a face to face environment. To provide a safe social distance among the participants and the ADR practitioner(s), remote ADR sessions are currently available through our partnership with mediation service providers to provide access to ADR throughout the state.

If interested in trying to resolve your case prior to the trial date, a phone or video conference ADR session may be available to you. Please contact the ADR Office at 410-260-1676 (or toll-free at 1-866-940-1729) for more information about available remote ADR for your case prior to the trial date.

The District Court of Maryland's Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Office provides mediation and settlement conferences for civil cases pending in many District Court locations. These ADR services are offered at no charge, either on the day of trial or before the trial date (Pre-Trial), through the District Court ADR Program.

Poster of Mediation Small Claims DisputePoster of Mediation Neighbor Dispute
Poster of Mediation Small Claims DisputePoster of Mediation Business Conflict