Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for the District Court Appointed Attorneys Program, an attorney must:

  • Be licensed to practice in the State of Maryland, in good standing and not subject to any pending disciplinary proceedings;
  • Comply with the District Court’s training requirements (attend an in-person training or a webinar) and certify that the rules on initial appearances have been reviewed;
  • Agree to compensation of $50 an hour for services rendered, plus reimbursement of mileage and tolls, or receive pro bono credit;
  • Return a completed Form W-9; and
  • Complete an application and sworn statement.

Scheduling needs may vary according to the jurisdiction, as well as the attorney’s availability. For example, participants could elect to work for a few hours a week or as many as 40 hours each week, depending on the demand for service. Upon appointment, a District Court representative will contact that attorney to schedule their shifts. Unless a general appearance has been entered, an appearance by a court appointed attorney is limited to the initial appearance and terminates automatically upon the conclusion of that hearing.

For more information, see the Scheduling Policy.


In-person and online training will be provided to attorneys participating in the program. For attorneys barred less than six months, the attorney must attend a two-hour training session coordinated by the Maryland Professionalism Center, Inc. Other attorneys may attend or watch the training video.