Public Notice - Revised Landlord/Tenant Forms and Brochures, and New Notice of Intent to File a Complaint for Summary Ejectment


House Bill 18 Ch. 746, Landlord and Tenant – Residential Tenants – Access to Counsel, passed during the 2021 Legislative Session. The legislation requires a revision to the DC-CV-082 (Failure to Pay Rent form), DC-CV-082BR (Information for Landlords Brochure), DC-CV-082TBR (Information for Tenants Brochure), and the creation of a new Notice of Intent to File a Complaint for Summary Ejectment (Fail to Pay Rent).

The legislation requires a landlord to provide the new notice to the tenant before filing a fail to pay rent complaint. The notice states the tenant has 10 days after receiving the notice to pay the rent due. The revised version of the DC-CV-082 Fail to Pay Rent form includes the required statement for the landlord to affirm the date the notice was provided to the tenant.

The legislation requires the Judiciary to create a new notice for landlords to use in order to comply. The DC-CV-115, Notice of Intent to File a Complaint for Summary Ejectment (Fail to Pay Rent), includes contact information for court resources and non-profit legal service organizations to assist tenants.

The notice can be printed from the court’s website on the effective date of October 1, 2021. DC-CV-115 
**Please use the DC-CV-115 with the Rev. 11/2021 date at the bottom left corner as it is the most up to date**

For your convenience, see the drafts showing the revision of the following landlord/tenant form and brochures:

Note: This legislation does not require any changes to the DC-CV-082MH

9/17/21 UPDATE: See the new Communication Regarding New Legislation Affecting Failure to Pay Rent Cases in Landlord/Tenant Actions for more information about the 01/2022 version required for use on or before January 1, 2022

PLEASE NOTE: The District Court has created the required notice and has amended the failure to pay rent complaint. However, the version of the notice that had been previously posted to our website and the version of the complaint sent to the printer contain the words “first-class mail” but do not contain the words “certificate of mailing.” Certificate of mailing can mean the certificate provided by the USPS (for a fee) upon request and that shows the date the mail was received by the post office. Many large filers use a mail service. Mail services also provide a certification of mailing, containing the same information as the USPS certificate – sometimes more. Subsequent drafts of the forms will contain checkboxes for “First Class Mail – USPS Certificate of Mailing” and “First Class Mail – Mail Service Certificate of Mailing.” Meanwhile, certification of first-class mailing should be taken to mean certification by either the USPS or a mail service and landlords should be prepared to show documentation at trial. A revised version of the Notice as well the Failure to Pay Rent Form are currently posted for your reference. 

Revised Forms Version Control/Usage Instructions 
Revision date (version) can be found in the lower left-hand corner of the form. 

DC-CV-082 - Failure to Pay Rent / Landlord's Complaint for Repossession of Rented Property  Rev. 10/2021

Required for use on October 1, 2021.

Continue using existing stock of revised, vendor printed version (Rev. 10/2021) until the updated form (Rev. 01/2022) is available at the District Court Warehouse.

After January 1, 2022, the 10/2021 version will not be accepted by the courts. 

Rev. 01/2022

The 01/2022 version is now available to be purchased from the warehouse.

The 01/2022 version can be used as soon as it is received, and is required for use by January 1, 2022.

If you have any questions regarding these form revisions, please contact Amber Herrmann, Deputy Director of Administrative Services, at

Last updated: November 10, 2021