Equal Justice Committee Information


The Equal Justice Committee will build the knowledge and proficiencies of judges and judiciary personnel to strengthen the judiciary’s commitment to equal justice under law for all.

Scope of Activity

The Committee will ensure the increased knowledge and understanding of judges and judiciary personnel regarding ethnic disparities, discrimination and systemic racism, including implicit bias (both conscious and unconscious), micro-inequities, and micro-aggressions. The Committee will make recommendations on strategies to educate and dismantle any discriminatory behaviors toward others in all aspects of the judiciary’s functions. The Committee will suggest areas of improvement, resources, support services, educational opportunities, and develop training curriculum for on-going judiciary-wide engagement in the pursuit of equality, fair and impartial justice for all.

Committee Members and Structure



  • Central Maryland – Baltimore/Annapolis Area
  • Employee Survey
  • Implicit Bias Testing & Teaching
  • Public Meeting
  • Public Perception
  • Report Writing
  • Southern Maryland Regional
  • Suburban Maryland
  • Survey
  • Training Strategies
  • Upper Shore Regional