Contact Information

Phone: 410-260-1580
FAX: 410-974-5577

Richard Abbott, Esq., Director
Vacant, Family Services Deputy Director 
Hope Gary, FCCIP Deputy Director

Paula Celentano, Grants & Financial Compliance Officer
Christine Feddersen, Family Services Administrative Office Specialist
Kelly Franks, Family Services Program and Policy Manager
Abigail Hill, FCCIP Staff Attorney
Brandi Hill, Child Welfare Policy Specialist
Sonia Holland, FCCIP Administrative Office Specialist
Sarah R. Kaplan, Esq., Juvenile Law Manager
Joanne Kerr, FCCIP Specialist
Jovonne Lewis, Family and Court Evaluation Manager
David R. Shultie, Esq., Domestic Violence Manager
Nisa C. Subasinghe, Esq., Domestic and Guardianship Program Manager
Magistrate Peter Tabtsko, Legal Specialist - FCCIP
Pen Whewell, Grants Specialist