How to Apply for a Judicial Vacancy

Applicants to the Trial Courts (Circuit Courts and District Court)

Applicants for a judicial vacancy on the trials courts are required to submit a Confidential Personal Data Questionnaire (PDQ) to the Administrative Office of the Courts. The Questionnaire and instructions are available in Word or PDF.

The current Trial Courts PDQ has a revision date of 07/09/2018. The change reflected in the current version of the PDQ pertains to the submission instructions. Applicants no longer need to provide additional copies of their application and writing samples for the individual bar associations. Applications will be forwarded to the applicable bar associations in electronic format.

Applicants to the Appellate Courts

A separate PDQ has been created for judicial vacancies on the appellate courts. This PDQ is available in Word or PDF.

The current Appellate Courts PDQ has a revision date of 06/26/2018. Please note the important change to the submission instructions on page 3 of the PDQ. This is the only change made to the PDQ, effective 06/26/2018.

Contact Debra L. Kaminski at 410-260-1271 or Jennifer A. Miller at 410-260-1211 with any questions or for information concerning deadlines for submission of the PDQ.

PDQs should be sent to:

Debra L. Kaminski or Jennifer A. Miller
Administrative Office of the Courts
Human Resources
Maryland Judicial Center
580 Taylor Avenue, Building A, First Floor
Annapolis, MD 21401

PDQs will no longer be accepted at the 2001-E/F Commerce Park Drive location.