How to Apply for a Judicial Vacancy

Applicants to the Trial Courts (Circuit Courts and District Court)

Applicants for a judicial vacancy on the trial courts are required to submit a Confidential Personal Data Questionnaire (PDQ) to the Administrative Office of the Courts. The Questionnaire and instructions are available in Word or PDF.

The current Trial Courts PDQ has a revision date of May 2023. The only substantive changes were made to the first page ("Qualifications of a Maryland Judge").

Applicants to the Appellate Courts

A separate PDQ has been created for judicial vacancies on the appellate courts. This PDQ is available in Word or PDF.

The current Appellate Courts PDQ has a revision date of 01/25/2021. The only substantive change to the application was the addition of the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys’ Association to the list of bar associations/organizations.

Contact Debra L. Kaminski at 410-260-1271 or Ebonye L. Caldwell at 410-260-1289 with any questions or for information concerning deadlines for submission of the PDQ.

PDQs should be sent to:

Debra L. Kaminski or Ebonye L. Caldwell
Administrative Office of the Courts
Human Resources
187 Harry S. Truman Parkway, Fourth Floor
Annapolis, MD 21401