AIS-Notices and Announcements

Due to the difficulties some attorneys have had accessing the Attorney Information System (AIS) as the result of heavy volume, the Client Protection Fund of the Bar of Maryland has decided to extend the application of the 60-day Late Fee until October 10, 2019. Please note that the pro bono and IOLTA reporting deadline of September 10, established by Maryland Rules 19-409 and 19-503, remains unchanged.

The latest advisements for Maryland attorneys

Notice of Important Dates and Deadlines for 2019-2020

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Maryland Judiciary reminds lawyers they must register with the Attorney Information System (AIS) by June 1.

The Judiciary issued a news release on May 9, 2019. Read it here.

Single Compliance Schedule for Maryland Attorneys

The rules regarding pro bono and IOLTA reporting have changed to permit the creation of a single compliance schedule.  As a result, Maryland attorneys did not receive pro bono and IOLTA reporting forms in January 2019. 

Pro bono and IOLTA reporting will now be done on a fiscal year basis and reports will be filed online.  Maryland attorneys will receive email notification once per year, in July, notifying them that it is time to pay their Client Protection Fund assessment and file pro bono and IOLTA reports online. 

Payments and reports for FY2019 are due September 10.

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Last updated: May 2019