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Do You Need a Lawyer? New Judiciary Videos Have Answers

(ANNAPOLIS, Md. — May 8, 2014) Should you represent yourself in a court case or do you need a lawyer? How do you find and work with a lawyer? Two new videos on the Maryland Judiciary website help answer these questions.

Should I Represent Myself?” looks at whether or not to handle your own legal issues, and outlines several considerations including whether it is a civil or criminal case, how complex the issue is that needs to be resolved, and how serious the consequences are. “Hiring and Working with Your Lawyer” focuses on finding and paying for a lawyer, what to do if you cannot afford a lawyer, and how to work with a lawyer to get the best representation.

“As more and more people come to court without a lawyer, we need to reach out with information to help them be prepared,” said Maryland Court of Appeals Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera. “Our goal is to provide equal and fair access for everyone, and that means providing information about how courts work, what people can do to help themselves in court cases, and when to consider getting help from a lawyer.”

The videos are part of the Maryland Judiciary’s growing library of self-help videos. They were developed by the Maryland Access to Justice Commission, which works to improve and expand all people’s access to the state’s civil justice system. The videos are on the Judiciary’s website and include:

Self-Help Video Library

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