Adult Drug Court Program

Adult Recovery Court
Circuit Court for Somerset County

30512 Prince William Avenue
Princess Anne, Maryland 21853

Cherie Meienschein, Adult Recovery Court Coordinator
Phone: 410-621-7580
Fax: 410-621-7595

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The Adult Recovery Court Program of the Somerset County Circuit Court was established in July 2018 and began in January 2019. The Circuit Court Adult Recovery Court is a post plea, pre-sentence model designed to help those who are seeking to overcome substance abuse and related criminal offenses.


The mission of the Somerset County Adult Recovery Court is to reduce drug dependency through a structured treatment program of four phases, frequent monitoring and court reviews. Intervention by the program will hold the participants accountable while reducing substance abuse and overdoses, therefore, strengthening the safety of families and communities.

What is Adult Recovery Court?

Somerset Circuit Court - Adult Recovery Court is a treatment-focused program that offers intensive rehabilitation services to criminal defendants whose crimes are driven by their addiction.

Recovery Court is a four-phase, 15 to 18-month program for adults who have violated their Circuit Court supervision due to problems with drugs or alcohol, been referred from District Court or have an original case for sentencing in the Circuit Court.

This program is a team effort that involves the Circuit Court, District Court, State’s Attorney’s office, Office of the Public Defender, Somerset County Health Department, Somerset County Detention Center, Division of Parole and Probation, and local law enforcement. By working together, we seek to provide a variety of programs and consistent supervision geared toward supporting and helping the individual obtain and maintain a substance-free lifestyle.

For additional information or details regarding the process for consideration, contact the Recovery Court Coordinator, Cherie Meienschein at 410-621-7580 or