Court of Appeals Live Webcast

The Court of Appeals will webcast live oral arguments on Thursday, September 9, Friday, September 10, Monday, September 13, and Tuesday, September 14, 2021.



Congratulations to all the June 2021 Admittees to the Maryland Bar!

The bar admissions webcasts will be available at the link below for eight to ten weeks.


The webcast of the open meeting to consider the 207th Report of the Standing Committee on Rules of Practice & Procedure is archived at the "Special Events Archive" link below.


The webcast of the Proceedings upon the Retirement of Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera is archived at the "Special Events Archive" link below.

If the webcast does not work for you, please try an alternate browser. We suggest Chrome.
If you continue to have problems, the webcasts will be archived at the link below as soon as possible after arguments are done.

Webcasts are made available to the general public for informational purposes only and do not constitute an official record of court proceedings. Rebroadcast of this transmission is prohibited without the express permission of the Court of Appeals, which can be obtained by contacting Government Relations and Public Affairs at 410-260-1488.