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Launch Fundamentals Training

Training for CONNECT is delivered as online self-paced curriculums. Each curriculum focuses on processes and transactions based on user roles. All employees must become familiar with the Employee Self-Service curriculum. Managers have processes and transactions specific to managing their teams and approval workflows. We also have curriculums specific to subject matter experts for Human Resources and Support personnel.

EmployeesLaunch Employee Self-Service TrainingESS Student Guide PDF
CONNECT Employee’s Self-Service (ESS) provides all employees with online learning modules to understand how to use the system. CONNECT grants access to an employee to their own personnel profile, facilitating communication with the HR department. This curriculum walks you through how to access and fill out all the various online forms to submit requests to HR.

ManagersManager Self-ServiceESS Student Guide PDF

CONNECT’s Manager Self-Service (MSS) learning modules are focused on managers/supervisors the new business processes and you how to use the system. CONNECT will facilitate your day-to-day management of employees, time reporting, absences, recruitment, and more. An online dashboard will keep you up to date on pending approvals. Work lists to alert you to pending items, and reporting capabilities to make decisions.

CONNECT Employee Role to Activity Matrix

To help you understand the activities that various Judiciary employees will perform in CONNECT, we have developed a series of matrixes that provide this information at a glance.

Attached are four individual Excel files that each contain a table matrix to align employee roles (in the column headings) to the CONNECT activities (in rows). At the intersection, you will find an “X” to indicate that this is an activity performed by this role.

Each “X” is linked to take you directly to the specific online training material in the CONNECTed Training Library that will teach you how to perform that process.

You might find it useful to save these matrixes to your desktop for an easy reference and a quick link to the training materials.

The four matrix files are: