The CONNECT Project covers a large portion of the processes and systems used to deliver Human Resources services to Judiciary employees. To organize all of this work there are five main workstreams, each of which focuses on specific processes and system functionality. The system part of CONNECT will use PeopleSoft HCM, the world’s leader in software of this type. This product is made up of different modules, which are the specific components that the Judiciary will use to transact and store HR related activities. Because it is all one integrated system, CONNECT will keep all the information in a shared database, instead of having bits and pieces of it kept in many different places.

CONNECT workstreams










Some of the key features that CONNECT delivers include:

  • Electronic, online time sheets for all employees across the Judiciary
  • Integrated recruitment  process from full position posting through hiring activities for new employees
  • Employee Self-Service for employees to enter and update their personal data
  • Manager Self-Service with a portal for supervisors to monitor process activities and perform approval actions for HR transactions
  • Automated routing of processes for approvals and other requests to be easily channeled and checked for more efficient processing


The following links will take you to more detailed sections for each of the CONNECT workstreams.