Juvenile Department

Telephone Number: 301-777-5922

Juvenile files and records of the court are confidential and shall not be open to inspection, except by order of court or as otherwise expressly provided by law.

Useful Telephone Numbers:

Office Telephone
Allegany County District Court 301-723-3100
Allegany County Department of Juvenile Services 301-777-2131
Allegany County Public Defender's Office 301-777-2142
Allegany County Sheriff's Dept. 301-777-1585
Allegany County State's Attorney 301-777-5962

Please be advised that the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court is prohibited by law from rendering legal advice.

Useful Information

Most juvenile proceedings are held in the Allegany County Circuit Court Annex located at 59 Prospect Square.

See our publication, "What is Juvenile Court?" (http://mdcourts.gov/publications/pdfs/juvenile.pdf)