Remote Hearings in the District Court

Pursuant to Maryland Rules 2-802, 2-803, and  3-513.1, the following are guidelines established by the Chief Judge of the District Court in consultation with the State Court Administrator:

  1. Zoom for Government is the preferred platform for hosting remote proceedings, although other platforms may be used by the District Court.
  2. Any platform used by the courts must provide for encryption for all remote court proceedings, role-based user security, and password protection.
  3. The court where the hearing is being scheduled should be contacted for more information regarding the process for participating in a remote hearing.
  4. All hearings must be recorded by the Judiciary to serve as the official court recording.
  5. The court, or other designated court personnel are the only persons authorized to record the remote hearing by electronic means, stenography or any other method. Any recording, photograph, broadcast, or live stream by a party or other person of a remote hearing without the permission of the court is strictly forbidden.
  6. Any platform used by the trial courts to conduct remote court proceedings will include a means by which attorneys may confidentially speak with clients..
  7. Except as otherwise directed by the judicial officer, all remote judicial proceedings will be conducted in accordance with the same standards as hearings traditionally conducted in a courtroom.
  8. All remote judicial proceedings will be conducted in accordance with the Maryland Rules.
  9. If a remote hearing is disrupted due to audio or video technical difficulties, the judicial officer may delay, postpone, or require an in-person appearance.
  10. If a party is not able to participate by remote means, they should contact the court promptly.
  11. Instructional webinars and videos designed to teach users how to effectively use Zoom for Government are provided below.

General Zoom Web Conferencing Basics
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Last updated: August 20, 2020