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Maryland Judiciary Releases New Self-Help Videos


(ANNAPOLIS, Md. – January 20, 2016) –What is the law and where can it be found?  How do you research the law?  What can you do to prepare for your day in court?  Three new videos on the Maryland Judiciary’s website help answer these questions and unravel complex legal principles and procedures to make navigating the courts easier for self-represented litigants.

  • What is the Law?” explains the sources of law in Maryland.  The video focuses on state, federal, and local law, as well as where the Maryland Code, Maryland regulations, and case law may be found.
  • How to Research the Law” provides an introduction to researching a legal problem, including how to start and where to look for reliable legal information.
  • Before Court: Tips on Preparing for Your Day in Court” offers tips for preparing for a court event.

“The Maryland Judiciary is committed to providing equal access to justice for all of the people of Maryland,” said Maryland Court of Appeals Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera. “While ideally all litigants would have access to legal representation, we know this is not the case for many.  We hope that these videos, designed for litigants who are representing themselves in legal matters, will provide useful legal information that will help them prepare for their court proceeding.”

The videos, developed by the Judiciary’s Access to Justice Department, join a growing library of legal self-help videos.  Each video also features tip sheets that can be easily printed.  The videos are featured on the Judiciary’s website and include:

-What is the Law?
-How to Research the Law
-Before Court: Tips on Preparing for Your Day in Court
-Should I Represent Myself?
-Hiring and Working with Your Lawyer
-Tips for Your Day in Court
-Can’t Afford Court Filing Fees?
-Finding Legal Help in a Civil Case
-Bringing a Small Claim
-Defending a Small Claim
-Service of Process
-Can’t Afford Appellate Costs?

For more information about the videos, contact Pamela Ortiz, Director of the Maryland Judiciary Access to Justice Department, by phone at
410-260-1258, or by email at

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