PUBLIC NOTICE:   On or about June 18, 2019, the Courtland Street entrance to the Court House will be closed for renovations. The Office Street entrance will remain open.

Family Court Services

The Office of Family Court Services
101 South Main Street, Suite 300
Bel Air, MD  21014
Telephone:  410- 638- 3100
Fax: 410- 893- 3953
Director:  Sharon M. Iannacone, LCSW-C
Office Manager:  Kathleen Hennessy

The Office of Family Court Services provides support services to families who have an open court case in Harford County Circuit Court.  These cases are primarily child custody and/or visitation issues. Child Support Issues are not referred to this office.  The Mission of the Office of Family Court Services is to identify, support and promote the needs of the children in the delivery of these services.

In general, the Office of Family Court Services serves persons who are income eligible.  “Income eligible” means that parties need either a free service or a reduced fee service because of limited income or demonstrated financial hardship.  The Family Law Case Coordinator screens each parent’s income to determine whether a case will be referred to the Office of Family Court Services or to a private service provider approved by the Court.  When a case is referred to a private service provider, the Court has determined that the parties have the financial ability to pay the full cost for service.

For all services requiring a Court Order contact the Family Law Case Coordinator

Family Law Case Coordinator               410-638-3038      410-638-3464

The Family Law Case Coordinator’s staff review all domestic cases, except Harford County Department of Social Service child support cases. The office is not permitted to offer legal advice; however, we can answer any procedural or general questions regarding family law case procedure. Our primary goals are to ensure that cases are processed timely, efficiently and to order appropriate alternate dispute resolution services.

Family Support Services

The Office of Family Court Services provides family support services in an open child custody and/or visitation case in Harford County Circuit Court. Learn more about the types of services available.