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Requesting Transcripts and CDs
Complete and submit the Transcript/CD Request Form to  to make a request. Be sure to save the completed Request Form to your computer and then email as an attachment.

Please note:
~ Submission of a Transcript/CD Request Form does not obligate you to purchase.
   You will be contacted with a cost estimate which must be paid before any transcription is performed.
~ Transcript delivery timeframes are based on the date payment is received, not on the date of the request.
~ Requests involving minors require authorization by court order, which delays processing time.
~ CDs are not certified for use in court.

Transcript Rates
For Appeals:
$3.75 per page

For Non-Appeals:
$4.00 per page - 2 to 4 Week Standard Delivery
$5.00 per page - 6 to 10 Business Day Delivery
$6.00 per page - 2 to 5 Business Day Delivery
$9.00 per page - Overnight Expedited Delivery
Add $0.50 per page for transcripts of motions hearings (solid text).

CD Rates
$25.00 for the first CD, $5.00 for each additional CD when necessary, per hearing date. Add $5.00 for postage if
mailing is desired.