Workstream 1 - Workforce Administration

At the heart of HR transactions is the need to be able to track an employee’s work life cycle. CONNECT provides the capability to this through an integrated system.

Two key features that CONNECT is delivering are called Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS).

  • ESS enables employees to access their personal data for review and/or updates online without using paper forms or involving or waiting for HR. Examples of that information include:
    • Address changes
    • Contact information (email, phone)
    • Emergency contacts
  • MSS will provide managers/supervisors online capabilities to monitor and take action on approvals (e.g., time sheets, leave requests, etc.) within a system using a few keystrokes.
    • The Manager Dashboard will allow the manager to do things such as:
      • Review direct reports information (employee’s personal and work information)
      • Monitor employees expiration dates for probationary period, acting capacity and contracts
      • Monitor vacant positions
    • Managers will also have access to more readily available reporting capabilities that provide valuable, straightforward information for prompt, knowledgeable decision making.