Workshops and Testing

The Fall 2020 Introductory Workshop will take place on Saturday, September 12, 2020. The workshop will be held online from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Click here to access the application. 

Important: Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we will not accept hand-delivered or mailed applications. Please scan your complete application and send it to:

You will receive an e-mail confirming that your application has been received. The workshop fee has been waived for all candidates. Please do not submit payments with your application.

Candidates in the following languages are encouraged to apply: African languages, Amharic, Albanian, Armenian, Arabic, Burmese (all dialects), Dari, Czech, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Mayan languages, Pashtu, Polish, Romanian, Indian languages, Somali, Thai, Tagalog, Turkish, Telugu, and other rare languages. Speakers of the following languages should apply only if they have substantial professional interpreting experience: Cantonese, French, German, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish. If your language is not mentioned, please send an e-mail to to inquire if interpreters are needed in your language.

Please note that priority is given to Maryland residents and acceptance in the program is based on professional interpreting experience, language proficiency and education. A telephone interview by a member of the Court Interpreter Program staff may be conducted as part of the application process.

For additional information, send an e-mail to:

Steps to Become Listed on the Court Interpreter Registry as a court interpreter:

  1. You must attend a 1-Day Introductory Workshop for Court Interpreter Candidates. The purpose of the 1-day Introductory Workshop is to familiarize the candidates with the State of Maryland court system and the interpreter's role in a courtroom setting. (Modes of interpreting and resources available for improving skills are addressed, but actual interpreting skills are not taught.). The workshop is language neutral There is a $75 fee for the workshop.
  2. Residents of adjoining states may apply for this workshop only if they plan to interpret in the Maryland courts and live within 30 miles of the nearest courthouse in Maryland. Maryland residents are given priority.
  3. Your next step is to take the Court Interpreter Written Exam. The written examination is in English and administered twice a year. Additional information about the written exam will be provided at the Introductory workshop. The written examination covers a) comprehension of written English vocabulary and idioms, b) common court-related situations and vocabulary and c) knowledge of ethical behavior and professional conduct. There is a $50 fee for the written exam.
  4. You will be invited to take the Language Proficiency Interview (LPI) in English and foreign languages only if you passed the written exam. The LPI measures how well the candidate speaks the target language, not their interpreting ability. It is a one-on-one telephonic conversation with an interviewer conducted in English and the target language. There is a $50 fee for the Language Proficiency Interview.
  5. Once foreign language candidates have passed both the written examination and the LPIs in the English and target languages, they must attend a 2-day Mandatory Court Interpreter Orientation workshop. This training workshop will address the three modes of court interpreting and provide an introduction to the wireless court interpreting equipment, courtroom protocol, invoicing and interpreter ethics. Candidates will enter the Court Interpreter Registry as eligible interpreters only after successfully completing this workshop. There is a $100 fee for the Orientation Workshop.
  6. Oral language-specific certification testing is offered annually, but only to those who have attended the Mandatory Court Interpreter Orientation Workshop and have passed the written examination and LPI. Oral certification examinations are currently offered in Arabic, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Cantonese, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese. Certification exams are administered once a year. Registration forms are mailed to eligible interpreters three months prior to the exams. The exam consists of simultaneous, consecutive, and sight translation components. There is a $140 fee for the exam.

2020 Fall Workshop Schedule

(All Dates are Subject to Change)

Workshop Date
1-Day Introductory Workshop on Court Interpreting September 13, 2020
1-Day Court Interpreting Orientation Workshop for American Sign Language Interpreters(ASL)  
2-Day Mandatory Court Interpreter Orientation Workshop December 5-6, 2020 (only those candidates who attended the September 13, 2020 Introductory workshop and passed the written and language proficiency exams can attend this workshop)
Intermediate Skills-building Workshop for Eligible Interpreters  
Spanish Language Skills Building  
Language Neutral Skills Building Workshop (Non-language specific)  
Language Neutral Specialized Workshops  
Advanced Skills Building Workshop for ASL Interpreters None at this time


2020 Fall Testing Schedule

(All Dates are Subject to Change)

Exam Date  
Written Exam in English for Court Interpreter Candidates (by invitation only) October 17, 2020 (only those who attended the Introductory workshop can site for this exam)
Language Proficiency Interview (LPI) in English and Foreign Languages By special invitation only
Court Interpreter Certification Exams Summer 2020; languages to be announced. (only those interpreters who are currently listed on the Court Interpreter Registry are eligible to sit for the certification exams)