Jonathan S. Rosenthal, Esquire - Director

Jonathan S. Rosenthal, Esquire, is the Director of the Maryland Judiciary’s Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO).  MACRO’s mission is to promote the availability, use, and quality of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) throughout Maryland.  MACRO does this by 1) collaborating with courts and other justice partners to advance the field of conflict resolution, 2) providing training and presentations to courts, bar associations, and other organizations for skill enhancement, professional growth, and ADR ethics, 3) providing grants to support ADR in courts, communities, academia, and government, 4) working to improve the quality of mediation services by managing the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence (MPME), 5) supporting, and encouraging research and evaluation of ADR programs and processes, and 6) raising awareness of ADR and providing information to the public to support the appropriate use of ADR by those experiencing conflict.

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Alecia A. Parker - Grants and Strategic Initiatives Director

Alecia is responsible for managing MACRO’s grant programs, including reviewing grant applications and reports, providing advice and technical assistance to community mediation grantees, managing the post-award process and all grant payments.  In addition to grants, Alecia is also responsible for managing MACRO’s budget and expenditures.  She develops MACRO’s annual operating budget request.  She also advises the Director on budgetary issues.  Alecia is also involved in judiciary-wide activities, participating on committees and workgroups.  She staffs the Grants Advisory Workgroup of the Judicial Council Operations Committee, and co-staffs the Research and Grants Subcommittee of the Judicial Council ADR Committee.  In addition to budget and grants work, Alecia also created and manages the annual Conflict Resolution Day Bookmark Art Contest.  This contest is open to all Maryland students in grades K-8, and regularly attracts between 1,500 and 2,000 bookmark entries each year.

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Nick White, Ph.D. - Research & Evaluation Director

Nick works collaboratively with dispute resolution program managers in the courts as well as in community-based programs, schools, criminal and juvenile justice programs, and state and local government agencies to help develop assessment tools and procedures to evaluate conflict resolution initiatives.  Nick is managing a conflict resolution change project that is drawing on research and change models to foster positive conflict resolution decision making in Maryland.  Additionally, he is leading a team to finalize and implement the Alternative Dispute Resolution Evaluation Support System (ADRESS) which provides courts with real time data for informed decision making. 

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Heather V. Fogg - Quality Assistance Director

Heather serves as MACRO’s main point of contact and resource in the area of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process quality assistance.  In this capacity, Heather works in direct collaboration with members of Maryland’s diverse ADR community and other ADR quality assurance stakeholders, including ADR practitioners and practitioner membership organizations, court personnel, attorneys, community members, school and university administrators, and government officials.  As MACRO’s Quality Assistance Director, Heather is the steward of the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence (MPME).  The MPME is a collaboratively designed statewide program which brings a comprehensive approach to quality assistance by providing mediators with high quality continuing education programs to develop and maintain high quality mediation skills.  The broad range of programs include critical areas such as mediator assessment and evaluation, skill development, mediation standards and definitions, diversity and inclusion awareness, ethical issues, networking and mentorship, and mediator self-awareness.

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Cynthia M. Jurrius, Esquire - Court ADR Resources Director

Cynthia is the Court ADR Resources Director for MACRO, where she works with courts, ADR practitioners, and other stakeholders to develop, evaluate, improve and expand court alternative dispute resolution programs throughout Maryland. She serves as MACRO’s primary point of contact for all Maryland circuit courts, working collaboratively with court personnel to develop and enhance court ADR programs, as well as providing legal and policy guidance on ADR related matters.  She is also involved in consideration and support of court ADR resource needs through the grant programs of MACRO and the Programs Division of the Administrative Offices of the Courts. 

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Emmett J. Ward, MA - Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Resources Coordinator

Emmett is responsible for assisting in the piloting, statewide roll out, and daily management of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Evaluation Support System (ADRESS).  ADRESS is a web-based data collection and reporting system designed to help courts assess and improve the quality of their ADR processes.  Emmett troubleshoots problems for system users and coordinates with the Judiciary’s Judicial Information Systems (JIS) for more complex or novel problems.  In addition, he is responsible for a wide variety of projects designed to advance conflict resolution programs in courts and communities.  Emmett periodically conducts trainings on matters relevant to judiciary employees and members of ADR practitioner communities.  He represents the office on various task groups, planning committees, and collaborative initiatives to advance MACRO’s mission.

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Cheryl Jackson - Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Resources Coordinator

As the ADR Resources Coordinator, Cheryl’s responsibilities include advancing ADR through public awareness campaigns, professional mediator development, outreach events, and collaborative initiatives. She also works closely with her colleagues at MACRO to provide assistance in developing and executing practitioner engagement projects; supporting the Maryland Courts’ ADR programs; and expanding the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence (MPME).

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Alexandra L. Johnson - Administrative Assistant IV

Alex is the glue that holds it all together and keeps it moving forward.  She regularly participates in the planning and production of various MACRO projects and initiatives, and she works closely with all MACRO staff to help us meet our mission, goals, and objectives.  Alex provides support to all staff, and provides feedback on projects, paying close attention to both the big picture and all of the details for each.

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