Land Records Department

NOTICE: Please note that Chapter 538 from the 2020 Session of the Maryland General Assembly provides that the current $40 surcharge on recordable instruments recorded among the land records and financing statement records will continue on and after July 1, 2020. For more information, see page 15 through 16 here.


The Land Records Department acts as a custodian for the recording and maintenance of all public records connected to real estate in Somerset County. Our research room is open to the public. Information is obtained by self-research and copies are readily available for a fee. Records date back to 1665 and many are available online. The Clerk's Office is prohibited by law from providing legal assistance or performing title searches.

Recording Process for Deeds:

You may need to contact Somerset County Planning and Zoning, Crisfield City Hall or the Town of Princess Anne before recording the deed at the Clerk's Office.

  • Somerset County Treasurer
    30513 Prince William Street
    Princess Anne, MD 21853
  • Somerset County Planning and Zoning
    Room 211
    11916 Somerset Avenue
    Princess Anne, MD 21853
  • Crisfield City Hall
    319 W. Main Street
    Crisfield, MD 21817
  • Town of Princess Anne
    30489 Broad Street
    Princess Anne, MD 21853
  • Land Records Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court
    Somerset County Circuit Courthouse
    30512 Prince William Street
    Princess Anne, MD 21853

Fees & Taxes

Recording Fees:
  • $10.00 for a release 9 pages or less

  • $20.00 for any other instrument 9 pages or less
    or for any instrument over 9 pages if it involves solely a principal residence

  • $20.00 for Termination of Financing Statements

  • $75.00 for any other instrument 10 page or more.

Surcharge (this fee is in addition to the Recording Fee):
NOTICE: Effective July 1, 2011, the surcharge has increased to $40.00
  • $20.00 for all instruments recorded except Power of Attorney and Notice of Sale.
Recording Taxes:
  • Recordation Tax is $6.60 per each $1000.00 or fractional part of the consideration. (Recordation tax applies to both instruments that transfer an interest in real property and instruments that create a security interest on real or personal property, e.g., mortgage, deed of trust, etc.)

  • State Transfer Tax is ½ of 1% of the consideration (Note: State Transfer Tax applies only to instruments that transfer an interest in real property, e.g., deed, lease, easement, contract, etc.)

Miscellaneous Recording Fees:
  • $5.00 per page for plats recorded in the plat records (one original and two black line photo-process Mylar copies or paper copies)

  • $15.00 for Notice of Sale and Notice of Judgment

Please be advised that the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court is prohibited by law from rendering legal advice and from performing title searches.